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This is just one view of one part of our Close-Loop Organics Management System (the "EPTCorp System" or "Power & Energy Center"). In this case, 48 digesters make up the anaerobic process of the cycle for this particular dairy operation.

Oh, no. I know what you are thinking, but really...we're farmers too. Oh, maybe not in the traditional sense you think about farming, but farmers none the less. Sure, we don't drive tractors all day spreading seed and harvesting in the fall, but we are just as interested in the process. We sow and we reap. You see, we grow natural gas. Methane, to be specific.

EPTCorp (Environmental Products and Technologies Corporation) has spent 10 years researching, analyzing and developing technologies to farm methane. That is a long time. Frankly, we have answers to problems college professors haven't even figured out exist yet. As a result, we have created a market-ready closed-loop system that uses natural processes to generate methane. By partnering with Mother Nature, she's helped us dramatically reduce the process time. We seed it, harvest it, inject it into the system, and you use it. Its quicker than corn. Not so tasty, but much quicker.

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