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The Proven Solution to an Old Problem

The problem:

Odors – whether from landfills, transfer and recycling stations or from other solid organic waste sources are annoying and often sickening. They anger neighbors and violate Air quality Management and Environmental Protection Agency standards and can result in fines and even closures of collection and treatment facilities.

In the past, operators have tried to mask the problems with perfumes. This treatment is similar to the time when people believed that personal hygiene was dangerous, and liberally perfumed themselves, in an attempt to hide their body odor. It didn’t work then, and it doesn’t work now. For years people have sought a new solution, a way of controlling odors in a way that is safe and non-toxic.

The Solution:

Start Fresh solves the problem of organic odors by adjusting the bacteria’s environment so that odor producing (anaerobic) bacteria can become (aerobic) bacteria. Start Fresh is a highly concentrated liquid oxygen source which activates the anaerobic bacteria to become and stay aerobic, thus stopping odor production dramatically increasing the rate of decay. Since Start Fresh works with all bacteria it allows whatever strain of bacteria that is strongest to become the dominate workers of decay. Each source of your waste stream has a different strain of bacteria that functions most effectively and rapidly in decaying that particular material. Since Start Fresh provides the universal activator (oxygen), it will work equally well with all of your sources of organic odor simply put Odor Gone.

Start Fresh was originally formulated for the treatment of organic agricultural waste. Through testing, we found that it not only controlled odor and dissolved the solid waste, but it also destroyed 99.9% of the harmful pathogens (e.coli, etc.) present in such material, making it safe to use as nutrient rich fertilizer and for flushing on dairies. Start Fresh handles the problem quickly and cost effectively.

Just as Start Fresh works effectively in agricultural waste situations; it is just as effective in other organic waste applications. It has been used with great success at recycling, waste transfer stations, and landfill operations. We have done testing in compost operations and we found that it increases the temperature of the compost piles and that higher temperature is achieved faster than normal composting procedures. (It increases the oxygen levels).

Start Fresh has been used effectively in on waste at juice processing plants, wineries, and other production facilities that have organic odor. Soil remediation companies use Start Fresh to alleviate odors from former oil and gas storage sites, and have found that it aids in separating petroleum products from soil and water. Start Fresh can be used safely in recreational vehicle waste systems, extending the amount of time necessary to empty waste tanks. It also can be used in septic tanks. As each day goes by we discover more applications where Start Fresh can be used safely and effectively.

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