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Silver Bullet Water Treatment System for Cooling Towers and Agriculture 

The Silver Bullet Water Treatment system works by deploying a very strong and effective, EPA recognized disinfection method known as “Advanced Oxidation Process” or AOP.  Through Silver Bullet Water Treatment’s AOP, air from the surrounding environment is pulled into the Silver Bullet sleeves using pumps.

This air passes through the sleeves containing UV lamps and other patented components.  A gas is generated from ambient air and is diffused into water (note that water never passes through the system and it does not directly treat the water with UV light).

This gas is composed of highly effective hydroxyl (OH-) and oxygen radicals.  The radicals trigger various chemical reactions which reduce microbiological growth, hold minerals in concentration, prevent scale and reduce rates of corrosion.

 The Silver Bullet system is fully redundant for fail-safe, continuous operation, and installs into any building in less than a day.

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Silver Bullet in Facilities for Cooling Towers and Water Supplies

Silver Bullet Water Treatment system enables Facilities Engineers and Water Treatment Professionals achieve at least 4 (Four) KEY  goals of any cooling tower treatment program without the use of toxic chemicals:

  • Prevent biological growth with H2O2 oxidizing and destroying bacteria.
  • Prevent and reduce scaling with Calcium and other minerals kept in solution.
  • Reduce rates of corrosion with minerals kept in solution.
  • Increased cycles of concentration enabled by less corrosive water.
With Silver Bullet Water Treatment System... NO MORE hazardous chemicals! 

Potential to save 10,000's (tens of thousands) of gallons of water per year and reduce energy demand, resulting in significant savings!

Advantages and Benefits of Silver Bullet Water Treatment for Cooling Towers:

  • H2O2 - Hydrogen Peroxide created in closed system...NO hazardous chemicals need to be added manually.
  • SAVES H2O  by reducing bleed-off water by up to 35% and increasing cycles of concentration by allowing calcium and other minerals to stay in dissolved state longer and at higher concentrations.
  • GREATER ENERGY EFFICIENCY by maintaining heat transfer efficiencies by reduction or elimination of scaling.
  • NO MAJOR UPFRONT COST with Rental on monthly basis .
  • Installation and activation in less than 1 day without disruption to the facility’s HVAC system.  
  • Very little maintenance.
  • Monthly testing required to monitor the efficiency of each system.
  • By eliminating use of hazardous chemicals, increasing energy efficiency, and reducing water usage, the Silver Bullet Water Treatment system may enable you to qualify for tax credits, water bill rebates, points and credits for U.S. Green Building Council's LEED(R) certification, and other certifications.

Silver Bullet in Agricultural Services SAFELY making water cleaner and better for livestock and aquatic critters

Healthy, clean, drinking H2O is a most important element in raising productive, healthy livestock.  

All animals benefit from water with the lowest levels of contaminants.

Untreated or poorly treated drinking water can carry bacteria, fungi and parasites and can cause disease or death.

The Silver Bullet Water Treatment system is rented monthly to provide a safe and efficient system for livestock drinking water.

Silver Bullets are installed on many farms across the United States and Mexico, from dairies to chickens to swine, fish and shrimp, the Silver Bullet is making water cleaner for and better for livestock and aquatic critters.

The Silver Bullet Water Treatment system works by using ultraviolet light and other patented technology to create hydrogen peroxide, a powerful biocide.  

Hydrogen peroxide is tasteless and odorless, unlike other chemicals such as chlorine.

The Silver Bullet Water Treatment system: 

  • Can result healthier, more productive animals. Animals who drink and eat more are less vulnerable to heat stress.
  • Drastically reduces microorganism presence—by more than tenfold in most cases
  • Eliminates chemicals and chemical taste and smell.

By drastically reducing the presence of bacteria, animals will drink more water and remain healthy and productive.  



Feed Lots



Bijou Hill Dairy Farm, Byers, Colorado

Long Lake (Swine) ColonyWestport, South Dakota

Prairie Livestock/Veterinary Medical Center, Britton, South Dakota

Sunset (Swine) ColonySouth Dakota

"Silver Bullet has been the best product that we have seen to decrease bacterial contamination in water and assist in eliminating iron and other minerals from livestock drinking water."   Dr. Steven D. Dudley, DVM, Prairie Livestock Veterinary Medical Center

Silver Bullet has drastically reduced bacterial load and scale build up on our poultry nipple drinkers.  The Silver Bullet system is simple, effective and safe. Chad Sunderland,  Turkey Valley Farms in Utah

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