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Selective Technologies Inc.†Presents...

If itís not too thick to flow, we can pump it!

Aeration Floater Pumps

Some design features are:

"Quick attach" components allows dual use of floater pumps for aeration or water transfer!†

Designed with -2- air intakes for greater availability of air for oxygen transfer!

Below surface discharge for maximum oxygen retention in the fluid!

Adjustable diffuser plate to select angle of discharge flow!

Irrigation Pumps

Low maintenance, submersible centrifugal pumps with standard sizes available in 4" to 12" discharge sizes and submersible setting lengths from 2-12 feet.

Pump design accommodate motors from 5-50 horsepower.

Belt drive allows pump speed to be adjusted to motor horsepower for maximum efficiency for your application!

Manure Pumps

Low maintenance, submersible and centrifugal.

2" & 12 " Discharge Pumps Available In 3' to 12' Vertical Settings

Fisher Manure Pumps are high capacity slurry transfer pumps.

Impellers can handle solids up to 3" diameter such as rocks, pop cans & hooves.

Unique, self-cleaning impeller blade design prevents build up of animal hair, straw & hay normally found in manure pits.

Pumps can be sized for sufficient flow to allow for pit agitation during pump out!

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