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Mr. Dairyman:

How Much Profit is in your Lagoon Water?

Are you having trouble with your Lagoon Water Discharge?

  1. Do you want to reduce the salts going to your fields?
  2. Do you want to reduce the phosphorus going to your fields?
  3. Do you want your manure water to be applied evenly?
  4. Do you want to reduce the solids discharged on your land?
  5. Do you want to reduce the amount of fertilizer you have to purchase?
  6. We test your water before and 30 days after treatment and show you the difference!

This product is guaranteed. If it does not perform to your satisfaction you owe us nothing.


We have customers that have used our Product for 14 Years and are very satisfied with the results!

Unlike our competitors, we do not have all the answers, but we will have the Right answer for your situation.

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