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In Waste Ponds

Selective Inc. is pleased to present Start Fresh™ a product that which our customers have been using for over 14 years, it is a solution to and old age problem, odor and solids.

Start Fresh™ is a totally organic, bio - degradable product that instantly reduces an oxygen source to organic anaerobic environments. This includes, municipal – human waste treatment Plants, winery holding ponds, livestock manure pits, livestock poultry facilities, compost piles , residential – commercial – industrial septic systems, and juice processing plants.

Start Fresh™ is a proprietary product of Selective Inc. and is technically recognized as, an “Organic – Oxygen – Reagent – Aerobic Bacteria Stimulator”. Upon introduction of Start Fresh™, to any organic – anaerobic medium, it goes to work instantly by introducing oxygen aerobic bacteria already present. This rapid process stimulates the bacteria already present which Intern feed on any organic matter in its path, with astonishing, yet proven results.

You will instantly notice a dramatic reduction, or a total Elimination of foul odors. TSS – Total Suspended Solids and BOD Biological Oxygen Demand, will decrease significantly and organic sludge will be eliminated.

Start Fresh ™ stimulates aerobic activity in anaerobic Pond – Lagoon environments, creating a natural aerator effect throughout the entire body of water. Because Start Fresh™ lowers TSS, filters, screens and separators will need less maintenance and last longer. Sprayed on compost mounds, they heat up faster and stay hotter longer with thorough heat penetration.

By using Start Fresh™, you will not need to add any additional bacteria and dredging costs are a thing of the past. Bottom line: Start Fresh™ saves  you a great deal of money.

Livestock facilities, including dairy and swine barns will see a fast solution to dried, crusted manure in alleys, curbs and flush lanes just by flushing with Start Fresh™.  Valuable livestock will no longer slip and fall and injure themselves. This feature alone will save you tens of thousands of dollars in medical costs, livestock mortality, equipment and man hours.

Start Fresh™ is part of Selective Inc.’s waste water and irrigation management service offered as Lagoon and Pond Service. 

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