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THE VERY BEST FOR YOUR DAIRY COWS...  Diamond Standard of dairy bedding.  TENS of THOUSANDS installed worldwide.  Few service calls due to STURDY materials and good construction.  

Patented dual-chamber design provides invariable, stable cushion for cow descent each and every time she lies down. The water suspends the cow’s pressure points. The bed gently moves with her skin.

DCC Dual Chamber Waterbeds:

Herd Health & Bed Benefits. DCC Waterbeds are the only bedding surface designed to float the pressure points and move with the cow’s skin to reduce or eliminate swelling and skin and hock abrasions. They flex, helping keep them moisture and bacteria free, will never pack, and are the lowest cost-per-stall bedding surface on the market today. Because of these features, the beds provide excellent cow comfort as well as help YOU, the dairy farmer,  save time and money.

Dairy professionals using DCC Waterbeds report their herd lies down quickly and rest comfortably longer, a benefit that has been directly linked to decreased lameness.

Additional Features?

  • Long Life due to sturdy materials and high quality construction.
  • Years of use in barns 365 days a year have resulted in very little wear on the beds and little to no need for repairs, replacements, or adjustments.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Tens of thousands of DCC Waterbeds have been installed all over the world with only a few requiring servicing.
  • Convex shape helps shed moisture and flexes to prevent manure build up.

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