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The Selective Circulator™ is improving conditions on dairy farms, feedlots, major municipalities and on golf courses across the continent. The Selective Circulator™ tackles the toughest, contaminated lagoons and drastically reduces or eliminates odor, solids, mosquitoes, pathogens and harmful gases.

Due to its innovative shape and design, each Selective Circulator™ can move over five hundred thousand gallons of water to the surface of a lagoon in a twenty four hour period. The Selective Circulator™ cleanses the lagoon from top to bottom and fosters the beneficial microbes that keep your pond in a healthy, aerobic state, and mosquito free year round.

How Does It Work? The patent pending Selective Circulator™ is able to circulate massive amounts of anaerobic liquid to the surface of a lagoon, exposing it to oxygen and creating an aerobic environment.

Harmful gases, when released into the air, create putrid odors. Anaerobic water is a breeding ground for pathogens, which cause health problems for both animals and people. The by-products of aerobic liquid are water and carbon dioxide, which is a harmless, odorless gas. This makes aerobic water ideal, especially if it is to be recycled.

The Selective Circulator™ creates a powerful vortex that allows water and solids from the bottom to reach the lagoon's surface. Once the solids reach the top, they are broken down by powerful aerobic microbes. The Selective Circulator™ operates off a simple three horsepower, energy efficient motor on 110 amps. The housing is made of rotationally molded plastic and stainless steel. It is UV protected and built to last with very little maintenance. The Selective Aerator/Circulator teams up with Mother Nature to create clean, safe and odorless liquid.

That's intense biological action at its best. Many of us are not microbiologists. We can, however, establish a simple truth: Most operators want to grow healthier crops. Many operators use lagoon water on their crops. Let's examine the results of anaerobic water in this capacity.

ANAEROBIC LIQUIDS: Anaerobic liquids are loaded with ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. Along with methane, these are the gases that create the putrid odor you smell coming from anaerobic lagoons. Oxygen is indicative of life. Anaerobic substances are devoid of oxygen.

Now imagine an operator using that liquid on his crops. One way would be through a pivot. Once it hits the ground, the main component of anaerobic decomposition is alcohol. The root systems of plants have a sensitivity to alcohol of up to 1 part per million.

The concentration of alcohol in anaerobic liquid is somewhere between 15 to 25 parts per million. If that concentration of alcohol makes it to the plant's root system, the plant will burn and die. The land will seal and block vital oxygen from entering the soil. Now, let's consider aerobic liquid.

AEROBIC LIQUIDS: It is important when dealing with soil to establish a good, healthy structure. One way to do this is to put nutrients into the ground that feed the bacteria and fungi in the soil. Soil retains nutrients because of the Carbon (C) to Nitrogen (N) ratio of organisms.

Bacteria have the most concentrated amount of N in comparison to anything else on earth. Therefore, bacteria will not release N into the soil. They are like little suck-up machines with a C to N ratio of 5 to 1. So, they will take nitrates and pull them inside their bodies and immobilize them as protein.

When organic N is tied up in good aerobic bacteria, it will not burn or damage plants, but will enhance plant growth. The aerobic water provided by the Aerator/Circulator will improve soil structure, aid disease suppression and most importantly, eliminate odor!


Q: What makes the Aerator/Circulator different from other aeration circulators?

A: There are several qualities that separate the Selective Aerator/Circulator from other circulators on the market. The patent pending shape of the Aerator/Circulator aids in coaxing water from the bottom to the surface. The Selective Circulator™ creates a vortex rather than just splashing the surface. The high efficiency propeller adds to the effect along with the three horsepower motor, making the Selective Circulator™ even more powerful. The Selective Circulator™ is built tough and built to last and is appropriate for any pond or lagoon.

Q: What can it do for my contaminated lagoon or settling pond?

A: The Selective Circulator™ can tackle the toughest algae, organic sludge and odor problems in any lagoon or pond, keeping them mosquito free, clear and odorless.

Q: How many Selective Circulators™ do you need per pond?

A: One per half square acre is generally sufficient, approx. 100’ x 100’. 10,000 sq.ft. .

Q: How deep of a lagoon will it handle?

A: The Selective Circulator™ will easily move solids in deep water to 80’ and is appropriate for depth range starting from 5 feet.

Q: Can I leave the Selective Circulator™ in my pond year round?

A: There is no reason to take the Selective Circulator™ out of your lagoon due to weather. The Selective Aerator/Circulator is powerful enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Q: How long before I see results?

A: The Selective Aerator/Circulator will make a significant difference in your lake, pond, or lagoon in the first 7 to 14 days.

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