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A Water, Energy and Environmental Solutions Company...

When it comes to Energy, Water Usage and Management of Resources,  we understand needs and concerns of Farms and Farmers, Data Centers, Hospitals, Food Processing Plants, Manufacturing and Hotels 

We also understand the need to replenish and rebuild the Soil we live with and grow with. 

We are committed to help YOU be more successful TODAY, TOMORROW and into the FUTURE.

Our Consulting/Products and Services include:

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Our passion is improving current land/water use methods in agriculture, livestock industries, land development and municipalities.  We can tailor a plan to meet your specific needs for water, energy and environmental solutions. 


 Silver Bullet Water Conditioning System's US EPA approved Advanced Oxidation Process harnesses Nature's own processes to condition animal drinking water to help improve performance of Animal Farming Operations 3 Ways and improve performance of Cooling Towers 4 ways:

1. powerful non-toxic biocide kills bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi.

2. reduces biofilm and scale. 

3. oxidizes and precipitates minerals. 

4. improves Cycles of Concentration. 

Silver Bullet Testimonials

December 12, 2014
NORAD Cheyenne Mountain

Silver Bullet Water Treatment system installed in October, 2008 replaced need to store, handle, and dispose of hazardous chemicals in a secure facility.

There are nine individual towers located in the secured mountain, each with a separate chemical feed monitor pump, which previously required a significant inventory of hazardous liquid chemical drums...eliminated by the installation of of the Silver Bullet...saved significant man-hours with no increased cost over a traditional chemical system...significantly reduced bacteria counts, approaching drinking water standards, and eliminated scaling.

December 12, 2014
Bijou Hill Dairy Farm

Craig Pearson Discusses Silver Bullet at Bijou Hills Dairy

Tests show a 10,000-fold reduction in Coliforms, 100-fold reduction in HPC, a ten-fold reduction in Staphylococcus Aureus(Staph), a ten-fold reduction in Escherichia Coli (E.Coli), and Listeria has been nearly eradicated...Somatic cell count has gone down by 100,000 cells and the lower cell count appears to be stable...cows are drinking out of troughs that they never used to drink out of...In our milk chiller water, we have seen a reduction of bacteria to an undetectable level...We believe that the overall health of our herd is much better than we have ever seen it before...Bijou Hill Dairy would highly recommend the Silver Bullet Water Treatment System to any fellow farmer or dairyman.


17 Silver Bullet Water Conditioning Systems for dairies in California and Idaho installed by Selective Technologies!

From cooling towers to livestock drinking water, Water treatment is being transformed by this proven technology. 

Silver Bullet Water Treatment System

January 12, 2015
Silver Bullet and Cooling Towers

Silver Bullet The Bridge for Data Centers "Going Green" 

January 6, 2015
"Water: The Essential Nutrient": Pork Network Magazine

December 19, 2014
Silver Bullet in Aquaculture

Silver Bullet System Proven In Control Of Vibrio parahaemolyticus

December 19, 2014
Silver Bullet and American Dairymen

American Dairymen: Improving Herds Most Important Nutrient-Water

December 19, 2014
Silver Bullet and Cooling Towers

Clean and Maintain Cooling Tower Water without Toxic Chemicals

Silver Bullet Videos

December 12, 2014
Silver Bullet Informational Video

How Silver Bullet Works in Agriculture

Silver Bullet Water Treatment Agricultural Services treats animal drinking water without adding toxic chemicals. Water is the most important element in raising productive, healthy livestock. Untreated or poorly treated drinking water can carry bacteria, fungi and parasites and can cause disease or death. The Silver Bullet Water Treatment system is rented monthly to provide a safe and efficient system for livestock drinking water.

December 12, 2014
Silver Bullet Informational Video

How the Silver Bullet Works in Cooling Towers

The Silver Bullet Water Treatment system works by deploying a very strong and effective, EPA recognized disinfection method known as “Advanced Oxidation Process” or AOP.  Through Silver Bullet Water Treatment’s AOP, air from the surrounding environment is pulled into the Silver Bullet sleeves using pumps.

This gas is composed of highly effective hydroxyl (OH-) and oxygen radicals.  The radicals can trigger various chemical reactions which reduce microbiological growth, hold minerals in concentration, prevent scale and reduce rates of corrosion.  The Silver Bullet Water Treatment system is fully redundant for fail-safe, continuous operation, and retrofits into any building in less than a day.


Our actions and products are supported by innovation, advanced technology and a desire to meet the changing needs of agriculture and our communities. 


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